About the Books

Help End Violence Against Women

I began writing for one purpose: To entertain. I love creating worlds and characters and seeing other readers get immersed in my vision. With my newly-released first novel, A Cold Blooded Rain, I set out to tell a fun, entertaining story. Unfortunately, the book also centers on the brutal murder of a young woman. Max Floyd, […]

A Tale of Two Errors

It was the best of grammar, it was the worst of grammar. Working up to the final version and release of my first novel, I’ve worked tirelessly to make it as perfect as I possibly could. I’ve nitpicked and nagged. Tweaked, added, and removed. So much so, I’ve imagined my editor rolling her eyes with […]

An Intro to the World of Maxwell Floyd (Part 4 – Future of the Series)

Future of the Series: A Cold Blooded Rain: Book 1 from the files of Maxwell Floyd, Private Eye, is only the jumping off point into a series of many more books. Each will introduce a new case, new characters and places, with ongoing story arcs woven in along the way. With my background in graphic […]

An Intro to the World of Maxwell Floyd (Part 3 – Characters & Culture)

Characters: The hero, Max Floyd has more problems than he knows what to do with. But he’s less hard-boiled, not the vindictive tough-guy, and he’ll rarely win in a fight. He’s smart, honorable, and always wants to do the right thing. He’s someone people will relate to, empathize with, and cheer for. His friends include […]

An Intro to the World of Maxwell Floyd (Part 2 – Places & Technology)

Places: Book 1, and most of the books from the series, take place in a future New York City and combines many of my favorite visuals and themes. Classes are quite distinct: there are the wealthy, and everyone else. The rich and powerful live in the upper levels, the 30th floor and above, throughout the […]

An Intro to the World of Maxwell Floyd (Part 1 – The Beginning)

Well, here we go. My name is Todd Leton, and I’ve spent the last twenty years in marketing and graphic design. As a musician, I’ve written and released two studio albums over the past decade. But ever since I was a young boy, my passion has been writing. I’ve always loved the classic noir, hard-boiled […]